A writer, not a blogger

mo and me 001I’m a lover, not a fighter… I’m not sure when that phrase was first used, but it kind of sums up my attitude to life. I want to write, have fun creating characters and stories, go to ‘authorly’ events, and enjoy all the best bits of being an author, while still leaving quality time for my family, my pets and my hobbies. What I don’t need, as I get older and have come to better understand what I want from my life, is stress, pressure, confrontation, or all the nasty and time-consuming bits of a writer’s life – juggling admin, deadlines, constant social media involvement, tax returns, and becoming a slave to keeping up a regular blog. Okay, some of that stuff is unavoidable, but the blog isn’t.

It’s just so much easier to hand over to the experts – the very many bloggers who write so well, and so often, about books and help us writers to promote ourselves and our work to their followers. I enjoy writing occasional guest posts and answering questions about my books and my life, and I am more than happy to share and re-tweet the results as much as I can, but I am not about to start churning out weekly, or even monthly, blog content of my own, except when I have something important to say – like a new book release for example!

So… here are a couple of links to other people’s blogs where I have provided content, in the form of a guest post/interview and photos, and then left all the hard work (with my extreme gratitude) to them!

First up is ‘Devoted to Thrills’, the blog of writer Nic Parker, who has introduced a new regular slot called ‘Writer’s Mog’ featuring writers and their much-loved cats. Want to meet my two little furry monsters and hear a bit about their predecessors? Take a look here.

And next up is the very popular ‘Women Writers, Women’s Books’ online magazine, run by Barbara Bos, in which I discuss the very strange concept of genre, sub-genre and how your book can become a bestseller in a category that just might have very little, if anything, to do with the story! Read the whole piece here.


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